Anuhu Yrmo

Documental co-producido con UCINY

Atiku Napeu

Este proyecto es un documental sobre el hombre del caribú, el amo de todos los caribúes. Muestra cómo los innu del bosque sub-ártico canadiense respetan y honran al hombre del caribú en desafío a la prohibición de caza impuesta por el gobierno de...

Conservación de la Biodiversidad: Para quien?

Un documental de 38 minutos que muestra como el apreciado objetivo de conservar la biodiversidad puede terminar dañando a los pueblos que han vivido desde tiempos inmemoriales en los lugares a conservar.

Mapeando el Yrmo, nuestro territorio

Proyecto comunitario Yshir de mapeo del territorio ancestral

Weaving the Yrmo / Los tejidos del Yrmo (territorio)

Mujeres indigenas de la Nación Yshir. Tejidos con hojas de palma.
What is Life Projects Network?

This is the site of the ‘Life Projects Network,’ a portal to access a variety of ongoing experiments across the Americas that seek to foster the various practices of a good life that emerge from particular places, historical trajectories and conceptions of reality. The term ‘Life Projects’ is fundamentally a place holder that stands for practices of a good life that in one way or another differ from ‘Development Projects’ (in both, Right and Left wing versions), that is, visions and practices of a good life premised on the primacy of the ‘Human. ’ From a developmental perspective, a good life for Humans is achieved through the accumulative movement towards some sort of better place located in the (ever receding) future, even if that movement needs to be fueled by all kinds of environmental and social sacrifices in the present. To these visions and practices ( “Development”) we counterpoise “Life Projects.” Life projects constitute living examples that other good lives are possible beyond the developmentalist vision.

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