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Welcome to Lifeprovida.net!

Lifeprovida is a tri-lingual website tool for communication, research, education and collaborative work on life projects across the Americas. You will find here the work and discussion of scholars, activists and community members who strive to generate alternatives to development projects grounded in the purported universality of progress.
The content of the website is public and can be browsed anonymously through the menus in the banner. To see specific content, click on the title or picture of any particular project.
Besides providing a window to show case different aspects of Life Projects, Lifeprovida.net is also a platform for discussion and collaboration. The site offers a forum in which projects can be commented. The forum also offers independent discussion topics, not necessarily connected with any particular project, but always following subjects of interests of the contributors and related to the vision of the site. The site also offers a platform for translation (from and into English, Spanish and French) of these works.
Participation and collaboration in the activities of the site (discussions, contribution files, participating in seminars, receiving news, etc.) requires registration.
Once you are registered and logged in a series of help files (in text and videos) become available to guide you through the different tools of the website. In every page you can access context-specific help by clicking the help icon in the banner. You can access all available help browsing through the Help Topics files in the column to the right in this page
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