Atiku Napeu
This project is a documentary about the caribou man, the master of all caribou. It shows how the Innu respect and honor the caribou man despite the government hunting ban.

Hunting, following proper protocol and celebrating the mukushan is the Innu way to honor Atiku Napeu, the caribou man, the master of all caribou and other land animals. As long as he is honored, Atiku Napeu will keep giving caribou and bless the Innu so that they and their culture can survive. But now the government of Newfoundland and Labrador has imposed a total ban on caribou hunting. The Innu have rejected the ban. This film is about the Innu struggle to keep honoring Atiku Napeu. This film is about Innu survival.  

The movie is based, in part, on Damian Castro's PhD dissertation, Meating the social

More info about this topic can be found in Mario Blaser's article "Is Another Cosmopolitics Possible?."

Movie Credits:

Innu Nation presents in association with The Canada research Chair of Aboriginal Studies and the Film Unit of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Memorial University  “Atiku Napeu”a film by Alexander Andrew and Damián Castro with  Antuan Penashue Dominic Pokue Monique Riche Penote Antuan Philomena Pokue Elizabeth Penashue Johnny Rich Penashues Pinette Penashiss Michel Joseph Mark Peter Nuna Sebastian Benuen pien penashue Directed by Damián Castro Produced by Alexander Andrew Associate Producers Mario Blaser and Derek Norman music by David Hart and MeshiKamau cameras Alexander Andrew and Damián Castro Edited by Damián Castro

Link to the movie:

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