Written on 24/11/2016, 07:19 by Anthony Jenkinson
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Mapeando el Yrmo, nuestro...

Written on 18/03/2016, 03:28 by Unión de Comunidades Indígenas de la Nación Yshir
Proyecto comunitario Yshir de mapeo del territorio ancestral
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Instrumento para la defensa de los...

Written on 24/06/2013, 14:26 by Mario Blaser
Un CD-Rom interactivo para informar al usuario sobre posibles pasos para defender los derechos indígenas cuando estos no son respetados.
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Understandings where radical...

Written on 12/06/2013, 17:19 by Damian Castro
This project is about the possibility of understandings though bodily actions when radical different seem to to be unsurmountable.x
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Written on 12/06/2013, 01:19 by Super User
Mishen, also known as Giant, is an Innu man that decided to walk every winter across Nitassinan, the Innu land.
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