Pluriverse and the Social Sciences


Provocation paper:


Politics from the Pluriverse


General introductory readings to get acquainted with how the issue of the pluriverse is being thought about from STS and Alter-globalization analysts:


After Method : Mess in Social Science Research (Excerpt)


Territories of difference: Place, movements, life, redes (Excerpt)



Conceptually Key: Reading these works will allow us to start with some familiarity on each other language (almost mandatory!!!):


Constructing the Conjuncture: Struggling over modernity (If you have not read this article yet read this one first)


Perspectival Anthropology and the Method of Controlled Equivocation


The World Social Forum as epistemology of the South


Actor Network Theory and Material Semiotics


Experimenting with Refrains: Subjectivity and the Challenge of Escaping Modern Dualism



On translation and cosmopolitics:

The Truth of Others. A Cosmopolitan Approach


Whose cosmos, which cosmopolitics? Comments on the Peace Terms of Ulrich Beck


Cosmopolitical Proposal



More specific topics:


Figuring Non-Humans in the Pluriverse


James Bay Crees' Life Projects and Politics: Histories of Place, Animal Partners and Enduring Relationships


The Threat of the Yrmo: The Political Ontology of a Sustainable Hunting Program


Rooted networks, relational webs and powers of connection: Rethinking human and political ecologies


Indigenous Cosmopolitics in the Andes: Conceptual Reflections beyond “Politics”

Translations in asymmetrical terrains

Decolonizing knowledge/politics at the World Social Forum


Justice, Transaction, Translation: Blackfoot Tipi Transfers and WIPO's Search for the Facts of Traditional Knowledge Exchange

Globalization and the Pluriverse

Storytelling Globalization from the Chaco and Beyond (Excerpt)


A Tear in the Fabric of the Present



Shared by participants:


Janet Conway


Cosmopolitan or Colonial? The World Social Forum as ‘Contact Zone’


Isabelle Stengers


The Symbiosis between Experimentation and Technique


Capitalist Sorcery


Including nonhumans in political theory: Opening Pandora?s Box?


Larry Grossberg


The heart of cultural studies (excerpts)


John Law


Fishy Parables


Globalisation in practice: On the politics of boiling pigswill


Bonaventura de Sousa Santos


Don't shoot the utopist


Dianne Rocheleau


Rooted networks, webs of relation, and
the power of situated science